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Dealing with critically ill patients is understandably a daunting task. They are often some of the sickest patients in the hospital and experience of dealing with such cases can be limited. The critical care unit is where patients come when they've reached the limit of treatment that can be provided on a ward. Extraordinary treatments - such as invasive ventilation - to support respiratory and cardiovascular failure are commonly used. Patients are nursed mostly on a one to one basis. So being as well-prepared as possible to work in this environment is essential.

We've developed a unique course to explain what we mean by critical illness and critical care. Through videos, polls, and quizzes, you'll look at case studies from our own unit and learn from them. You'll follow patients with conditions that would commonly present to the critical care unit and hopefully develop confidence in working in critical care units - such as high dependency and intensive care. This course will set you apart from your colleagues, providing you with extra knowledge of managing critically ill patients. The time spent completing this course can also be used as evidence for continued professional development.


On successful completion this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the meaning of a Critical Care Unit and how support is different to that provided in the ward
  • Summarise the management of respiratory failure in critically ill patients in the High Dependency Unit and Intensive Care Unit
  • Discuss the management of polytrauma patients including the management of major haemorrhage
  • Discuss which patients should be managed in Critical Care
  • Debate appropriate triage of multiple patients involved in trauma
  • Summarise the initial management of a patient with sepsis

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