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Museums have always been recognised as sites and sources of learning. They have the power to ignite curiosity, spark the imagination, and provide historical narratives that inform the here and now. The stimulus might be the building, a collection, or a single object. The museum experience can be a profoundly emotional one that endures a lifetime.

On this course we explore what can be gained from interacting with museum collections and spaces, and how to use technology to encourage engagement. You will meet with professionals who collaborate in exhibition design, consider the thought processes they engage in and the challenges that they face. Through discussions and activities, you will explore possible solutions to these challenges.

Exhibitions are the mainstay of museums, affording rich opportunities for learning and in-depth exploration of museum collections. But what is a starting point for a new exhibition? Who decides and what influences that decision?

Throughout this course, you will be given the opportunity for more in-depth study, using readings and research to develop your understanding of how knowledge and learning inform decision making.


On successful completion this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the way learning takes place in a museum setting
  • Effectively communicate personal ideas and collaborate with other learners to find solutions to issues
  • Explain the difference between key roles in museums
  • Identify a range of learning strategies for a variety of audiences
  • Describe the complexities and produce examples
  • Apply what you have learned to design your own exhibition

Key Dates

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12 Aug 2019
12 Aug 2019

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