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We often hear in the news about endangered species, plastic pollution, poor air quality and its impact on health, but we also hear about the benefits of renewable energy, the green economy and sustainability. With modern technology, many aspects of our lives and our environment are being routinely measured. How can we make sense of these data and use them to understand the human impact on our planet?

In this course, you will learn more about the power of data science in the field of environmental monitoring and renewables. Over six weeks you will learn some of the skills and tools needed when thinking about environmental data. Working with experts and professionals, learn to analyse real world data reflecting some of today's most pressing environmental issues (from climate change, floods and droughts, to energy and renewables) and how we can use them to manage supply and demand - which have to balance in real time. It is data science which allows us to produce accurate wind and solar power forecasts from numerical weather predictions and historic data.

Learn how to better understand how our environment is changing, what might be driving those changes, how to manage the state of our environment better and even hot to consider what might happen in the future.


  • On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Access and interpret open data which are increasingly available from citizen science
  • Appreciate the nature of statistical models and learn how to fit, understand and critique statistical models for temporal, spatial and spatio-temporal data
  • Understand the nature of uncertainty and variability in environmental data
  • Ability to think critically about the nature of environmental evidence and how it is used
  • Understand and implement data science for environmental monitoring and renewables

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