Welcome to Glasgow

Our University is the fourth oldest in the English-speaking world and our doors are open to the brightest minds, wherever they are located and whatever their background.

We are proud of our heritage and our alumni hall of fame:

  • James Watt gave power to the industrial revolution
  • Adam Smith laid the foundations of modern economics
  • Lord Kelvin proposed an absolute scale of temperature, now called the Kelvin scale
  • Joseph Lister gave us antiseptic in surgery
  • Frederick Soddy discovered isotopes
  • Ian Donald developed the first ultrasound image of a foetus
  • Jocelyn Bell Burnell discovered radio pulsars
  • Sheila Rowan led the Glasgow team that first detected gravitational waves

Changing the modern world is not only about making discoveries. That's why the University of Glasgow thrives on collaboration. We are continually exchanging knowledge with other universities, governments and businesses around the world. Join us and make your mark.

"The University's reputation and standing as one of the world's leading universities is built upon the work of those men and women who have studied, taught and undertaken pioneering research here. It is also built on the network of alumni, friends and partners who support the University's activities in all sorts of crucial ways."
Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli, Principal

World Changers Welcome

To continue to be a world-class and progressive learning institution, we are dedicated to bringing inspiring people together to change the world.

We know that if you're talented and hard-working, you can make great things happen. Our dedicated, world-class teaching staff will inspire and support you to help change the world.

Glasgow is a place where you can develop your ideas. A place where youll be given the space to realise your dreams. If you have what it takes to become one of our real-life success stories, we look forward to hearing from you.