Mission and Values

As a world-changing university, our goal is to bring inspiring people together and create a world-class environment for learning and research. We are serious about empowering staff and students to discover and share their knowledge. We are a place that inspires ambitious people to succeed.

As an established institution for more than five centuries, we remain firmly focused on the future. We are constantly striving to grow. Our aim is to maintain the University's reputation as:

  • a destination for the best students, regardless of where they are from, to gain an education that prepares them to go into the world and make change happen
  • a place where research that positively impacts on the health, wealth and cultural well-being of the world is conducted
  • an institution that engages with the city of Glasgow and the global community to ensure they flourish

Passionate, professional and progressive, we want the best and we put talent first. We embrace diversity and difference and treat everyone with respect. We believe that studying at our University should be possible for anyone with the necessary talent, commitment and potential, regardless of background or belief. We're proud of our roots, yet global in our outlook.

Our research values

Our six cross-disciplinary areas of world-class research are shining examples of what we do best at Glasgow. Each one combines a drive for pushing the boundaries of knowledge with a commitment to making a positive impact on the world:

  • Addressing inequalities
  • Cultural and creative economies
  • Precision medicine and chronic diseases
  • One Health
  • Future life
  • The nano and quantum world

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